Cover: Mother by Jo March

Boscastle – Anthony Mott
Time To Grow, Jimmy Bean – Tina Barrett
Six Senses – Nina Mitchell
Jam – Annamaria Murphy
The Day The Cup Came To Trescoppa – E V Thompson
Fernleigh Furze – Jan Macfarlane
The Goat’s Story – Victoria Field
Eleven Men – Jonathon Plunkett
A Good Grizzle – Cornubiensis
The Bitts – Des Hannigan
A Meeting At Morwenstow – Michael Williams
Charles Causley – David Rowan
The Unicorn – Chris Higgins
Tideline – Michael Sagar Fenton
Gwaynten Yn Kernow – Henry Jenner
Spring In Cornwall – Henry Jenner
The Ice-Cream Princess – Janine Southern
At Sharrow Grot – Joseph Lugger
The Wooden Cubes – Colin Wilson