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Cover: Steve Tanner

Once Bitten – Des Hannigan

Merry Fucking Christmas – Martin Philp
April – Arthur Caddick
Under The Arch – Jane Nancarrow
Bezants – Ben Batten
Tom’s Return – Helen Warner
Far Recompense – Arthur Caddick
The Pigman Of Nancledra – Philbampus
The Daughter From America – Ann Alexander A Sweetheart Remembered – N R Phillips In A Manner Of Spaken – Mary Quick The Scent Of Meadowsweet – Vanda Inman Land Locked – Susan Penhaligon The Pender Archive – Bert Biscoe At Lanyon Quoit – Arthur Caddick An Spernenn Veur – Pol Hodge The Great Thorn – Pol Hodge