Cover: Orange Green and Blue Rhythm by Sir Terry Frost RA

Scryfa – Tony ‘Doc’ Shiels
Meeting Demelza – Winston Graham
The Chapel Organist – John Harry
Raggedyass Kids – David Shaw
Spires – Chantal Brooks
High Tide In Buckinghamshire – Ben Batten
The Mermaid’s Skeleton – Will Coleman
On A Bible Christian Chapel – K C Phillipps
Cornwall For Beginners – Clive Wakfer & Tim Saunders
The Return – Victoria Field
The Lobster Song – Nick Darke
Three Gods Of Mud – Hannah Foot
Just Another Period – Pol Hodge
Saw Amser Arall – Pol Hodge
My Breeze – Ronnie Goodyer
A Summer Spent On Our Own – Jane Pugh
Pushover – Roger Jessum
Denys Val Baker And The Cornish Review – Michael Williams
Below Carn Brea – James Crowden