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Cover: Fallen Idol by David Penprase

Charles Causley – Philip Larkin
Below – Annamaria Murphy
Views Of the Sea In All Its Squalor – Des Hannigan
Helga’s Gone Abroad – Stacey Guthrie
Mr Madaloni’s Miracle – Jan Macfarlane
On The Quay – Bernard Moore
Dead Man’s Fingers – Carl Grose
Weaving Winter Into Spring – Marjory Ruhrmund
Lenny The Liar – Paul Farmer
Lovesong – Dennis Gould
When The Wind Changes – Stephen Hall
Marner Y Worhel Terry – Mick Paynter
Tom Bowcock’s Eve 1981 – Martin Green
Sliding Rock – Bert Biscoe
A Drop In The Ocean – David Kemp
Moored Up – Liz Harman
The Perfect Cornish Christmas – Jane Nancarrow
Ow-Cormola Bewnans Kernow – Ann Trevenen Jenkin
A Message Of Bells – Bert Biscoe
Crosbie Garstin – Michael Williams
Trevor’s Kiss – Michael Sagar Fenton
Roscommon – Katharine Grey
Skin – Chantal Brooks
Marcheug Ann Tonnow – Tim Saunders
Dreaming Of Brief Encounters – Marie Macneill
On Bolenowe Crofts – Dennis Gould
The World Is The Same Place – Pauline Sheppard